Travel Stretches to Loosen Up

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Travel Stretches to Loosen Up



Travelling takes its toll on our bodies; the time we spend sitting can tighten the hips and compress the lower back leaving us feeling stiff and sore – not the recipe for an active bod!

These seven moves demonstrated by Mana Yoga Retreats’ teacher, Patty Perlman can be done while waiting at the airport, in the aisle of the plane (if you can find the room!) and once you arrive at your hotel.

Patty practices these seven moves every time she travels and knows you’ll feel the benefits instantly when you add them into your stretching repertoire.  

Yogi tip: 

  • While in your yogi squat, you may find your heels lift or stay on the ground, either way, you’ll still feel the stretch! 
  • When travelling, try to steer clear from heavy foods and meals which often leave you feeling weighed down and sluggish – something which travelling makes you feel enough of as it is! Instead, opt for soups, smoothies, light salads, juices and herbal teas. On the same note, coffee is a dehydrant so it’s worth limiting it while on the plane and saving the good stuff for your destination. Bonjour croissants and lattes!

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