At Home Abs Workout

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At Home Abs Workout


A strong core is the foundation for everything else that you do. This simple ‘at home’ abs workout is the perfect way to build that foundation.


Your abdominals consist of; deep musculature (transverse abdominus and pelvic floor), the internal and external obliques, the big superficial six pack muscles of the rectus abdominus, and the muscles of the lower back and glutes.  I try and involve as many of these muscles as possible whenever I train core or abs.


You can try this complete sequence every time an ad break comes on when you’re watching TV at home.


The Workout


20 x reverse crunches

Try to minimize momentum and think about putting a toe print on the celling.  The more you can squeeze your inner thighs together, the more you will engage the deep abdominals.


20 x modified window wipers

When you rotate the legs to one side, try to reach the top hip and keep the opposite shoulder blade on the floor.  Progress the exercises by straightening the legs.


20 x Single Leg V-Ups

Curl the upper body up first to help support the lower back before you lift the leg.  Progress by doing the double leg version or adding weight.


40 x Russian Twist

Try to lean back and keep a C shape in the spine, as opposed to a straight back.  If the hip flexors take over, put your feet on the ground,  turn the feet in, and lean back more.


20 x Frog Elbow Taps

Aim to keep the hips and shoulder girdle as stable as possible throughout, and keep the spine in neutral.


45 -60 secs rest. 3 rounds.


Top tip – if you want a lean and flat mid section, focus on drawing the bellybutton to spine instead of pushing the abs out.  Think wide and flat.



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